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There are times when conventional meds are the right solution for someone. It really depends on that particular person and their comfort level of self-care and their trust in Western medicine. Additionally, there are times when conventional medicine is the absolute and correct action to take. For me, this means in the event I’m in some sort of accident and need immediate life-saving intervention, then by all means, get me to the Emergency Room. Otherwise, my choice is to utilize what God has provided and I trust in His grace.

So far, so good.

In October 2019, both I and my husband had blood work done. It only seemed fitting since we’ve been involved in natural health for over 20 years and haven’t had Western medical intervention for things most people schedule medical appointments for.

The results came back fantastic; even the NP said she wished her numbers looked as good as mine. I’m about 15 years her senior, to boot. None of this is bragging; it’s just a statement of fact.

In the end, I’ve come to conclude that when there are safe and effective natural options that have been proven to address health issues, then why not use what God gave us? He’s smarter than all of us (no matter our education or occupation) combined together.

I thinkĀ supplementation can provide what’s lacking in most of our diets, including important vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids, cofactors, beneficial medicinal herbs and so much more. I also think the foods we eat and liquids we consume will, over time, cause us to become dis-eased or cause us to be healthy.

The kicker is … I’m not perfect with my diet. I’m not 100% regimented when it comes to taking supplements. But I do more than most and it has paid off big time. The point is that it’s important to remember we live in a world where we can’t be perfect with our food or supplement all of the time; it’s just not feasible. So when we miss taking a supplement or we eat out at a restaurant, there are things we can do to help rebalance what we unbalanced.

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I’m a homeschool grandma of two and a small business entrepreneur who works to help people feel better whether I’m working as a Naturopathic Doctor or as a Massage Therapist.

God Bless!