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Massage Choices

Cathy Smith, ND LMT #9278


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RELAXATION Your RELAXATION MASSAGE is a pampered table session designed to de-stress and unwind your overwired body and mind. Using light pressure with smooth, even strokes, your relaxation massage is a deliberate creation to soothe your body and mind while decreasing tension within muscle tissues. Relaxation pressure depth is focused to help put you in a place of peace along with reduced stress and tension.

DEEP TISSUE This DEEP TISSUE massage is an intense session designed to access the deeper layers of muscle targeting knots and adhesions. It is more suited for those with a higher pain tolerance.

PAIN RELIEF This PAIN RELIEF Therapy is a fully-clothed table session addressing chronic and acute pain. Other trained therapists and clients report results have often been observed to last longer and have more profound effects than relaxation or deep tissue massage. Chronic and even acute conditions that never seem to make progress can start to clear in only one session.

Massage Gift Certificates

Valid for use on any massage or bodywork session. When your special someone is ready to book, they simply enter the code provided on the voucher. All voucher’s are provided in $100 increments. Call or email cathy@cathysmithndlmt.com today and order while supplies last.

Natural Products

With Cathy’s expertise as a Naturopathic Doctor, she sources quality ingredients and creates formulas for natural skincare, salves, oils, and wellness products. Products are made-to-order and customized just for you. Allow up to 7 days for your product(s) to be hand crafted.

COCONUT MILK BATH 12oz Organic Glass Container with Resealable Lid Look no further for the ultimate skin softening and hydrating bath. Deeply soothing organic coconut milk is the basis of this luxurious bath soak.

FRESH & CLEAN ROOM SPRAY 6OZ BOTTLE A balanced blend of clean, organic ingredients, this room spray truly leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. It contains a natural deodorizer and can be customized with your favorite essential oil (add $2).

ESSENTIAL OIL BODY SPRAYS 4oz | Small Batches Homemade body spray is a wonderful alternative to chemical-laden commercial fragrances, which according to the Environmental Working Group often contain secret ingredients that have not been assessed for safety.

OSTEO PAIN ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND 4OZ bOTTLE Some essential oils for arthritis provide numbing effects. Some curb inflammation. Some interrupt pain receptors in the brain. And some work in a combination of ways.

DRY SHAMPOO SPRAYS 4oz Plastic Container with Spray Nozzle Feels magical on days you need a quick way to “wash” your hair without washing it. Now, if you’re thinking that a dry spray doesn’t quite make sense, here’s the deal: Your hair is dry, the spray is wet.

NEURO EASE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND 4OZ BOTTLE Neuropathy pain may be eased with this blend of essential oils. For severe nero pain, consider both osteo-pain and neuro ease.

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pain relief bodywork

Cathy uses a pain-free, unique approach where people have reported amazing results. Some of the issue that dramatically improve or completely disappear include:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neck Stiffness
  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Tennis and Golf Elbow
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Issues
  • Muscle Pain

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Cathy Smith ND LMT, #9278

Believing Christ Jesus died for our sins. Knowing God loves us so much until He thought of and created absolutely everything we need to become and stay healthy, strong, and focused on Him.

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