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How’s Your Water Intake?

I’m not asking about the quantity of  your water intake, although that’s important too. What I’m really asking is, how is the quality of your water?  

Did you know that city water can contain up to as many as ninety different contaminants?  Contaminants such as nitrogen, bleach, pesticides, metals and toxins produced by bacteria. That means that while you’re supplying your organs with much needed hydration you may also be adding to your overall toxic load.

Filtering your water is the best way to ensure that you’re contributing to your health while hydrating. 

There are many types of water filtration systems that can offer you a cleaner water supply. Here are some ideas for you:



My likely favorite water filter is manufactured by Berkey, and I’ll tell you; it’s pricey. I’ll also tell you we don’t own one; it’s pricey. But, maybe one day… 🙂

If you decide you’d like to invest in a Berkey, they are offering a 5% discount to you in efforts to lighten your toxic load when you use code: KCNWATER5

Five percent isn’t much at all, but at least it’s something.

You’re putting in so much effort with your nutrition and lifestyle changes and I would hate to see you working against those efforts by adding to your toxic load unknowingly as a result of your water supply.  



To this end, here’s the filtration system we use at home, It is significantly less costly than a Berkey. It is a Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis. 
What about if we want to invest even less in our system so we can improve the quality of water we drink? Take a look at the Zero-Water Filter Dispenser; I love that it’s made out of glass.
If you have well water or think because you live in a rural area, the water supply can’t be all that bad, think again. The junk in our water systems extends to even rural areas. Most of you know I live in a rural area and it is not uncommon for the Department of Health and Hospitals to send a notice letting us know that human feces was found in the water supply. 
Did you cringe? We did too and you guessed it . . . the first time this notice came in the mail was when we broke down and bought our filtering system.)
What to do if you need to continue using tap water despite the toxins in it? 


Using iodine is probably the least known solution for purifying water. Why? Because this solution has such a low price tag to it.
You can get iodine at most any big-box or drug store. 

Using iodine is probably the least known solution for purifying water. Why? Because this solution has such a low price tag to it. Just add a few drops of iodine to the water you’ve collected and let it sit for 30 minutes. Depending on the iodine brand you buy (and there are lots of them available), the label may have directions for you.

BTW – if you’re on thyroid meds, please check with your doctor before using iodine.


I just wanted to bring some water awareness to you and offer some insight to make sure you’re not affected by the harmful chemicals in most drinking water.

I hope this has helped you and as always, if you have any questions, please let me know.

God Bless!