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Read about BODY SYSTEMS to know which area(s) of the body may be malnourished and how these systems work.  Then move on to HEALTHY NUTRITION to learn how what you eat and drink either give you life or causes dis-ease and de-generation.


Wellness: natural HEALTH

How we feel, how much energy we have, our ability to think and be “on our toes,” how well we sleep, all the things we think of when we think “health” …


It is a cumulative knowledge that no one person can ever be an absolute expert in because there is so much to learn and know. Our Creator is the only one who knows everything about His children and how their body and brain functions (and all that it entails).

But He has allowed us to grow in our own awareness and it is through His grace that we are able to take a glance at His magnificent creation.

I work to keep information as simplified as possible while maintaining both a Godly and scientific stance on wellness (which is not always easy to do). In the end, I rely on my Creator and hope that in the process I can help you better understand the body and how nutrition can either negatively or positively impact how we physically, emotionally and spiritually feel, think, and act.

I believe that in God’s eyes, we are all created equally and we all deserve to feel great and that we should all be respectful of one another. It is with this belief that I encourage you to start with Body Systems and then move on to Healthy Nutrition.

Please remember that I am not a Medical Doctor and that I am not licensed to practice western or conventional medicine. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and in Louisiana NDs and other alternative health professionals are not granted licensure. I am licensed as a Massage Therapist (LA9278). Remember that by accessing this website, you are stating you have read the Medical and Nutrition Disclaimer at the very bottom of this page.

In His Grace,

PS: I write and post blogs as time allows. If you read something and have a question, please submit your question using the Comment Form below.



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