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Health: body SYSTEMS

Feeling great starts with the nutrition our bodies can absorb and utilize. This means our body has to work in its highest capacity 24/7.

What we put into our body (nutrition) and the structures and organs of the body (aka “body systems”) collectively work together to either:

  • make sure we stay healthy (“balanced”),
  • work to reverse illness and disease (“return to balance”), and/or
  • ensure dis-ease and death

Naturally, our goal is to establish body systems that continually works so we are balanced or works to return us to a state of balance.

This section focuses on Body Systems. These include the:

The Body Systems, when working in conjunction one with the other, help the body to maintain homeostasis. This balance is what keeps the body healthy.

It is my goal to help you better understand Body Systems so that you can better help yourself maintain homeostasis. Please note that special attention is given to procedures used to normalize and balance the various systems of the body.

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Digestive System


Liver & Gallbladder

Circulatory System

Urinary System

Structural System



Nervous System

Glandular System

Respiratory System


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