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A massage gift certificate is perfect for just about anybody and any occasion. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s sure to make a great impression.  To start, follow the three easy steps. Your gift certificate can be either snail mailed for the most impact, or, the PDF can be emailed to the person receiving your gift.

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This is a pampered table session designed to destress and unwind your overwired body and mind. Using light pressure with smooth, even strokes, your relaxation massage is a deliberate creation to soothe your body and mind while decreasing tension within muscle tissues. Relaxation pressure depth is focused to help put you in a place of peace along with reduced stress and tension.

$100 = 60 Minutes

$130 = 90 Minutes

$175 = 120 Minutes

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This therapy is a fully-clothed table session addressing chronic and acute pain. Please make sure comfortable clothing is worn (e.g.: joggers, yoga pants, etc.) Other trained therapists and clients report results have often been observed to last longer and have more profound effects than relaxation or deep tissue massage. Chronic and even acute conditions that never seem to make progress can start to clear in only one session.

$125 = 60 Minutes

$175 = 90 Minutes

$225 = 120 Minutes

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This DEEP TISSUE massage therapy is an intense session designed to access the deeper layers of muscle targeting knots, ropes, and adhesions. It is more suited for those with a higher pain tolerance. Bruising may occur and as with any session, soaking in an Epsom salt bath after your session is strongly recommended.

$115 = 60 Minutes

$153 = 90 Minutes

$200 = 120 Minutes

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This COMBINATION MASSAGE  SESSION is a relaxation, deep tissue, and pain relief fusion (or your choice thereof). When you want to destress and unwind but want to “feel the pain,” this session has you covered. The combo massage is designed to provide you with smooth, even strokes that marry with deeper, firmer pressure while restrictive pain issues are released.

$140 = 60 Minutes

$180 = 90 Minutes

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Cathy Smith ND LMT, #9278

Believing Christ Jesus died for our sins. Knowing God loves us so much until He thought of and created absolutely everything we need to become and stay healthy, strong, and focused on Him.

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