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As in allopathic (western) medicine, there is so much information on any given health issue. In an attempt to better organize this vast amount of info, this library will focus on:

  • Supplements (coming soon)
  • Herbs (coming soon)
  • Essential Oils This link takes you to the JadeBloom website where you will find the “JadeBloom University.” This is a FREE resource that teaches you practically everything you’d want to know about essential oils.
  • Weight Loss (coming soon)
  • Mental Health (coming soon)
  • Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health (coming soon)
  • Organ Health (coming soon)
  • Immune System Health (coming soon)

If you can’t find what you’re searching for, simply use the contact form toward the bottom of this page. Cathy will work to write an article on your requested topic.

As you know, it is my goal to help you better understand how your body works so that you can better help yourself feel better. 

Remember this website is new and is constantly being updated.

As always, please keep in mind I am not a Medical Doctor and do not claim to be so. Be sure and read the Medical and Nutrition Disclaimer at the very bottom of this page. By accessing this website, you are stating that you agree with and understand the Medical and Nutrition Disclaimer.

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Essential Oils

Weight Loss

Mental Health

Cardiovascular Health

Organ Health

Immune System Health


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