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What I Believe About God & His Word

  • I believe God is the Creator of the universe and the Creator of all things therein.
  • I believe He is our Father in Heaven and I believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of the one and only true, living God, is our Resurrected Savior and Lord.
  • I believe in the Holy Spirit who resides in us, who comforts us and leads us to righteousness.
  • I believe that Jesus Christ was sent by God to die on the cross for our sins so any believer can live with Him for eternity.
  • I believe that through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, salvation is provided to those of us who believe and that it is only through Jesus Christ and one’s faith and belief in Him that one can enter the gates of Heaven.
  • I believe the Holy Scriptures are inspired by the Holy Spirit and they teach us how to live, how to worship, how to work, how to be healthy and how to serve.
  • I believe the Scriptures teach restoration of health through consumption of God’s foods, through prayer, proper nutrition, through fasting, the laying on of hands, etc.
  • I believe God loves you and God cherishes you more than any of us have the capacity to understand.
  • I believe God wants you to know and understand that you have nothing to fear even when it appears all hope is lost and it is only when you can fully feel God’s love and compassion can you understand the peace God freely provides you.
  • I believe God loves you so deeply until even if you do not believe, God still loves you.

What I Us & Our Relationship With God

  • I believe all people have sinned and therefore come short of the Glory of God.
  • I believe we are created in the image of God, we are created by God, and God created man first and then created woman.
  • I believe God breathed life into man (oxygen) and He drew man up from the dust of the earth (minerals).
  • I believe that in order to maintain optimum health, man must choose to consume God’s foods and liquids rather than man-made “food” and food by-products.
  • I believe health is not dependent solely on a physical manifestation of self, but encompasses the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • I believe when we are healthy in all four the above quadrants, we can better identify God’s purpose for us and we are better equipped to carry out God’s plan for us on Earth.
  • I believe God is omnipotent and knows every direction available for every decision we make and I believe God, by giving us freewill, will not force us to make one decision over another.
  • I believe God allows us to make decisions for our lives, and for a short while, the lives of our children and grandchildren.
  • I believe our decisions are to be guided through diligent prayer, fasting and reading of scripture.
  • I believe we are individually responsible for our decisions and that God has entrusted us, His Children, to follow the example set by Jesus Christ.
  • I believe Jesus Christ and His disciples treated their bodies as temples as described in the Holy Scripture and that we are to also treat our body as temple, feeding it, exercising it, resting it and when necessary, healing it, according to biblical instruction.
  • I believe each of us is completely and totally responsible for our individual health.
  • I believe when any disease enters the body it is because we have been irresponsible in the care of our temple whether it was our intention or our lifestyle choices.
  • I believe physical health is a direct reflection of scripture in that man reaps what he sows.
  • I believe how we nourish our bodies over the years will result in health and longevity or degenerative disease and early death.
  • I believe God has before, and still does, divinely intervene so we can return to health if this is in accordance to His majesty and His purpose.

What I Believe About Health

  • I believe God has provided His children with everything they require to maintain or regain health.
  • I believe God loves us and wants us to know and enjoy good health all the days of our life.
  • I believe, should the body become ill, that we are the rightful heirs to health and wellness that God, through His infinite mercy and knowledge beyond our comprehension, made for us all the things we need to regain our health.
  • I believe optimal health is built upon six essential elements created by God and enjoyed by us, including fresh air, fresh water, appropriate and natural nutritional intake, effective exercise, constant prayer and adequate rest.
  • I believe God provided us with health promoting foods, including meat, vegetables and grains.
  • I believe the only liquid created by God is pure water and God created fruits whose natural juices are to be enjoyed with His water.
  • I believe man, through the evil craftiness of Satan, originally fertilized and sprayed pesticides in an effort to grow more crops so more people could be fed and not go hungry.
  • I believe Satan, in his evil cleverness, now has man convinced that food must be grown with poisonous chemicals so the masses can be fed.
  • I believe the reality is  the poisonous chemicals infiltrate our foods and as we consume these foods over the years, our bodies become ill and degenerative disease is created.
  • I believe that, at times, invasive medical care is sometimes necessary such as mending broken bones or reattaching dis-attached limbs that can be saved.
  • I believe most medical intervention, other than extreme circumstances, is contradictory of long-term health and healing only comes from the body’s own healing mechanisms as God created them in the beginning of time.
  • I believe in Christian Health Ministries, such as this, that utilize the promises of God.
  • I believe we are created in the Image of God and God is always healthy.
  • I believe God wants us to always be healthy, happy, energetic and full of love and mercy.
  • I believe God wants all of mankind to know Him as He knows each of us.
  • I believe good health is necessary to teach others about God and His love.
  • I believe God is love.

What I Believe About Satan

  • I believe Satan, once an angel of God, allowed vanity and ego to darken his soul with the inevitable consequence of being cast from Heaven.
  • I believe that today, Satan is fulfilling prophecy and he, along with his demons and followers, is seeking to remove God from the consciousness of man.
  • I believe Satan’s only desire is to entrap us and remove us from God and I believe he is more successful today than ever before (as foretold and prophesied in the Holy Scripture).
  • I believe Satan can appear as kind, loving and reflective of God and I believe this is the main entrance he uses to unknowingly enter into the lives of those who are unaware of his evil, his hatred and his cunning.
  • I believe Satan wants only to destroy and harm and does so at every available opportunity.
  • I believe that negative experiences occur not because God allows them but because Satan has intervened on a decision made by man and that man is too unhealthy (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally) to recognize the work of Satan and therefore blames God.
  • I believe Revelation is being fulfilled and the devil will be cast into a fiery pit but not before he suffers fear and works ever the harder to a goal he can never reach.
  • I believe God is often blamed for the free will of man and the decisions that lead him to Satan.
  • I believe it is the responsibility of man to know God and His word so man can rebuff Satan.
  • I believe God has given us domain over Satan and his demons.
  • I believe Satan has no power over those who faithfully and sincerely believe that God is always triumphant, that God is the one, true, living God and that God is all powerful, all knowing and all loving.

God and His Word

Our Relationship With God

God and Health

Satan is Afraid

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