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Master the Skills to Balance Your Health

Your gateway to learning how to reduce inflammation and toxic fat while accessing industry secrets of Holistic Health and Nutrition . . . with a Christian and Scriptural Perspective. Find out where your balance is, what needs addressing, and the suggested supplementation to do so.

Let Us Help You

Lose Toxic Fat

Releasing excess weight is simply a wonderful side effect of reducing inflammation, cleansing and improving immunity.

Reduce Inflammation

Detoxify and cleanse your cells to experience a reduction in inflammation, increase energy, and to balance brain chemistry.

See Health in Scripture

God provided us with everything we need to take care of ourselves. Learn what Scripture teaches and embark on God’s Health Plan.

The Choice is Yours

For millennias, man has fed from God’s word and God’s provision. But over the past century and a half, science has attempted to crucify the whole, nutritious food supply given to us by God. In high school biology, we learned that good nutrition is essential for good health. But that same sentiment is being eradicated by modern science. You are more than, and greater than, what they would have you believe. You were known by God before He created you. And you deserve a life without pain, without drugs, and without excess fat, all of which drain the life force and cause us to feel worse instead of better. We’ll teach you how to reverse the damage done by science and rebuild the body in which the Holy Spirit resides.

STEP 1: Take the Quiz

Access the most comprehensive nutritional analysis tool available to learn what your body needs to return to balance.

STEP 2: Supplementation

Learn which supplements are best suited for you and which foods are most compatible with your healing journey.

STEP 3: The Program

Your nutrition program is part of a Scriptural journey where you learn about God's abundant provision for you and your life.

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